Have a SMASHING Good Time

Enjoy yourself at our rage room in Shreveport, LA

Are you trying to find a new stress relief activity? Road Rage Room is a local event vendor in Shreveport, LA. After having to travel for hours to be disappointed by a rage room, our owner decided to bring this fun experience to Shreveport. Now, we bring everything you need for an amazing rage room to events, parties and other gatherings throughout the Shreveport area.

Contact us now if you want to set up a rage room at your next event.

Should you hire us for your next event?

There are many benefits to cracking something open in an anger room. You can go to town in an anger room to:

Vent your frustration in a safe way

Get a little relief from everyday life

Do something wild with your friends

When you're feeling stressed and overwhelmed, take out your anger in our rage room. We find that our anger room lets everyone vent their frustrations, and it's cheaper than therapy. Call 318-453-2814 now if you're interested in our mobile rage room for local events, parties, or as a stress relief activity.

Try your luck on the unbreakable box

As a stress relief activity, a rage room is a great way to take out your frustrations with your daily life. However, we offer something more than a basic rage room experience. We bring our Unbreakable Box to every event that we attend. Whoever manages to get into the Unbreakable Box will walk away with a very nice prize, making the trouble to get into it worth it. We won't give away the secret of what's in the box until it's broken, so try your luck the next time we're at a local event.

If you want to see if you can crack the Unbreakable Box, see what event we'll be at next.